City of St Andrews Pipe Band | Seeks Piping Tutor / Pipe Corps Instructor

Posted on 29th August 2018 by Paul McAndrew | Chairman

THIS IS A STIPENDIARY POSITION (up to 4K pa) and remuneration will be based upon experience and the amount of time successful applicant is able to commit. [It would also be possible to split the role into two positions, if necessary.]

The Band meets on Monday and Friday evenings in Kilrymont School, St Andrews. [However, it may be possible to hold some classes on a different evening in order to secure the right person for the role.]

We are currently a Grade 4B Band and have about 45 members (piping and drumming), many of whom are of school age. We are an extremely busy band with a robust management structure/committee and have standard Child Protection and Health and Safety Policies in place. We are financially sound, with our main income streams being member fees, grants, and income/donations from all the events that we undertake each year (sometimes as many as 25).

In terms of our chanter/piping composition we have:

  • a learner chanter class (numbers fluctuate)
  • a small group (currently 6) of young ones at the chanter/bagpipes transitional stage
  • a modest pipe corps (15) from age 13 upwards, with varying degrees of experience/ability
[There are also healthy numbers in our snare and tenor/bass sections, each with their own tutor.]

In addition to training and development geared towards pipe band playing, we are keen to follow the SQA Chanter/Bagpipe Curriculum so that learners can sit their exams at the National Piping Centre (two have successfully passed exams this year and two more will soon be examined). We also compete when we can, but would like to further develop/improve in this area.

Applicants should be experienced, energetic, and motivational; and be willing to work within a diverse pipe band community, which has the development of young people at its heart. In addition to teaching defined classes, applicants should also be willing to work with the pipe corps and demonstrate/teach chanter setting/tuning; and to liaise with the drum corps to help improve ensemble. Though not essential, it is desirable that applicants have a willingness to play with the Band (on occasion) when it has important engagements.

Applications and/or requests for further information should be made to the Band Secretary (Dawn Waddell)
Mobile – 07729484314; Email –
A visit to a Band practise can also be arranged, if desired.

Website -
Facebook -


2018 World Solo Drumming | Format Changes

Posted on 07th February 2018 by Paul McAndrew | Chairman

Following the Board of Directors meeting on 3rd February 2018 the following changes to competition format for the Adult World Solo Drumming Championships from October 2018 have been approved.

1. No critique sheets
No critique sheet format to be fully adopted in both the Adult Semi-finals and Finals from 2018.

2. Restrictive action
A restriction on pre-qualification will be taken against any pre-qualified player who fails to compete on the day of the World Solo Drumming Championship where they have failed to inform the RSPBA of an acceptable reason for their absence from the event.

Restricted player/s will not be eligible for the uptake of a pre-qualification place arising from their participation in any pre-qualification event the following year.

Restricted player/s will be eligible to qualify from the qualification heats on the day of the World Solo Drumming Championship.

3. No pre-qualification from previous years final to semi-final stage
All entrants must pre-qualify via either of the four Regional Qualification events process or the qualification heats on the day of the championships. To facilitate this the numbers to qualify from each event will be as follows:

  • 4 Regional qualification events - 4 qualifiers from each (total of 16)
  • 3 qualification heats on the day of the championships - 6 qualifiers from each heat
  • This will mean a total of 34 qualifying for the semi-final stage, split into 2 semi-finals with 6 qualifying from each of the semi-finals to make a final of 12

The 2018 pre-qualifying events and hosting branches are:

  1. Dundee/Perth/ Angus Branch - Kingdom Solos, Fife. (10th March)
  2. Lothian and Borders Branch Indoors - Livingston. (24th March)
  3. RSPBA NI Branch - Lisburn. (21st April)
  4. Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch Indoors - Coatbridge. (28th April)

The sixteen regional qualifiers will be allocated to the semi-finals as follows.

Semi-Final A
Four Qualifiers from each of event one and event three

Semi-Final B
Four Qualifiers from each of event two and event four

4. Adjudicators for all Regional qualification events
Adjudicators will only be allocated by H.Q. As per normal major championships. This process has taken place on Wednesday 17th January. The allocations are pending ratification by the Board of Directors meeting on 3rd February 2018.

5. Seeding
This will be used to help eliminate the sometimes uneven nature of the heats from an open draw.

Seeding of the World Solo Drumming qualifiers will take place on the following basis.

  • The finalists in the order of play from the previous year, less those who have pre-qualified, will be allocated on a round robin to each of the three qualifying heats.
  • All other competitors will be allocated on a random draw basis.
  • Once all competitors have been allocated to a qualifying heat, a draw will take place to determine the order of play.

6. Playing Requirements

Players are to submit two MSRs

  1. In qualifying heat, the MSR to be played will be drawn on the line. This is so the format of this event is the same as the Regional qualifying events.
  2. In the semi-final the MSR to be played will be drawn on the line.
  3. In the final the MSR to be played will be players second MSR not played in the semi-final.

Hornpipe & Jig
The format of the Hornpipe and Jig Final will be two four parted hornpipes and two four parted jigs. The player should demonstrate knowledge of both the Dot / Cut and Open rhythm/idioms within their performance of the hornpipes. Hornpipes to be played in set order of Dot and Cut first.

To facilitate the increased requirements the current MSR weighting process has been removed

MSR results only to be used as Tie breaker, if highest number of highest placings fails to separate competitors.

7. Final Open draw
Return to a separate open draw for the final.

8. Final start times
A minimum of ½ hour will be allowed between final announcement and start of competition.

9. Sequencing of Final
M.S.R. Final will be run first with Hornpipe/Jig final to be the final event.

10. Full draw information to be announced at least 4 weeks prior to event. To enable this, the closing dates, draws etc will be brought in to line with major championships.

2018 MacKenzie Caledonian Solos | Entry

Posted on 25th January 2018 by Paul McAndrew | Chairman

MacKenzie Caledonian will host their inaugural Junior Piping and Drumming Competition on 24th February 2018.

The event will take place on at Craigie High School and has 18 events for all ages and disciplines.

Entry forms can be downloaded from the February calendar or directly by clicking here

Entries close on 19th January 2018

Paul McAndrew

MacKenzie Caledonian | In Concert

Posted on 25th January 2018 by Paul McAndrew | Chairman

Mackenzie Caledonian Pipe Band will celebrate their Centenary year with a special concert.

The event will take place on 9th & 10th February in the Gardyne Theatre, Dundee and the flyer for the event is below

Paul McAndrew

Mac Cals Concert

Vale of Athol | Junior Solo Results

Posted on 24th January 2018 by Paul McAndrew | Chairman

Vale of Athol Solos

The annual Vale of Athol Pipe Band Junior Solos took place on 20th January. The results of all events can be found here and images of our morning and afternoon winners.

Paul McAndrew

Vale of Athol Solos

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